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Mentorship for Learning Disabled Artists

At MeshDance, we are committed to providing opportunities in dance that range from dancing for fun, through to pursuing employment within the field of dance and beyond. 

We are dedicated to supporting learning disabled artists in their journey along this path, no matter how winding and far reaching. Nurturing these artists to ensure they reach their potential is a massive part of what the company offer and a number of our dancers have progressed from youth dance company member, to volunteer, to paid member of staff. We have also supported dancers in securing funding to support their development. In late 2019, we supported WeAre assistant Emily in securing a 'Developing Your Creative Practice' Grant from Arts Council England. For more information about this project, click here and scroll down to read more about Emily.

This journey is unique to each individual and at MeshDance we offer tailor made opportunities that fit the needs, interests and aspirations of each and every dancer we work with. 

Through this artist mentorship and development, we hope to change perceptions about who can be a dance artist, increasing visibility, respect and skills of artists with learning disabilities.

Two dancers caught mid-action. Mia has her back to the camera with her right elbow raised and her weight leaning into her left side. Louise's hair is swinging, mid turn, holding hands with Mia.

Image © Adam Perry 2017

Emily stands behind Louise and holds Louise's right wrist with her right hand as though she is guiding or correcting the position of Louise's arm. Emily has her hair pulled back into a bun and Louise has a chin length bob. They both wear glasses.
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